In Hiatus Studios is back with this brand-new collection of original comic properties from an international team of storytellers. These talented creators bring to the table a full spectrum of voice and artistic style. From waking to an existence without memory to the insurmountable challenges of seeking one’s own destiny to fighting the ghosts of an unbearable loss, Shards Volume Two chronicles unique, remarkable characters on their journeys towards life-shattering self-discovery. So peer into the pieces of their lives, and join them on their paths as they make difficult choices, face consequences and learn to accept who they are meant to be.

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This graphic novel collects six unique stories offering complex storytelling, while introducing dynamic relationships among a diverse set of characters.

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The stories contained, although different in toneand storytelling, are great examples of perfect world building and meticulous character development.

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From the minds of the newest San Francisco Bay Area storytellers came their premier anthology of tales spun in the great tradition of the graphic novel, exploring new, original concepts, fragments of worlds that span fantastical futures, strangely familiar but alternate histories, normal folk in the company of gods, reluctant companions on epic adventures, and the greater 'what-ifs.' Available now in digital format at Comixology, and soon in trade paperback!


In Hiatus Studio has enjoyed the first hardcover, limited edition run of its freshman anthology, and all 500 of the books have found their new home.  Now, with an order of trade paperbacks and a sophomore anthology hot on its heels, and each of the titles launching individual series in 2018, the first volume offers a solid introduction to the first worlds the studio has created.  Download the Series Primers for more info and behind the scenes extras and check out all the pages in the menu above under TITLES to learn about all of our books, characters and worlds we've created for Shards Volume One!