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San Francisco, CA -  JuLY 9th, 2018

This August In Hiatus Studios adds PERILOUS to the pages of SHARDS VOLUME TWO. Written by Andrew Niggles and illustrated by Auskey, PERILOUS drops the cynical and newly selected "Chosen One", Kurt Lutz into the middle of a clandestine battle between ancient forces. To protect Kurt from the clutches of scheming factions, the Order Perilous is once again summoned.

PERILOUS is an action packed fantasy set in modern times. It follows Kurt, a man beaten by the monotony of the daily grind. Longing for something to break through his haze of ennui, his desires are answered when he finds himself hearing the thoughts of strangers. Immediately he finds himself smack dab in the middle of age-old power struggle, and now he must choose which side to fight for.

Andrew Niggles introduces us to a world of lore and dynamic characters. We're given a taste of what Andrew hopes to bring forward in his ensuing issues, and it's nothing short of mysterious and exciting. Of course this comes as no surprise, as he is the founder and game designer for Zeitgeyser LLC most notably know for the high fantasy CCG Conquest Tactics.

Auskey joins the foray by bringing to life the fantastic world of PERILOUS with her artistic talent. Each page is beautifully rendered and delivers a mix of rich and subdued color pallets, and strong and expressive line work.

Preorders for Shards Volume Two are available now at inhiatusstudios.com. Upon release in August, Volume Two will be available directly through our online store, and on ComiXology. Of course don’t forget everyone at In Hiatus Studios would love to meet our fanbase in person, so subscribe to our newsletter, and get the latest information about our events and appearances. We hope you all enjoy Perilous in Shards Volume Two!



One cannot ignore the call of destiny in

The Dragon’s Kin


San Francisco, CA -  June 28th, 2018


Joining the lineup of new titles in Shards Volume Two is The Dragon’s Kin, written by the talented Curtis Clow and brought to life through the delightful illustrations of Liliana Vazquez Song. The Dragon’s Kin captures the hearts of it readers through one young woman’s determination to find the answer to an age old question: who am I?


Set during a fantastical feudal Japanese era, Kira is a spunky young woman now in the care of Takeo, a retired general. Though Kira’s past remains a mystery, she cannot ignore the feeling that her future involves more than finishing her daily chores. Upon the return of Takeo’s daughter, Jin, we learn that Kira’s search for answers is just about to begin. Despite the dangers that lie ahead, her will and determination are bound to lead to an exciting journey of self discovery.


Curtis Clow is no stranger to the world of Indie Comics. Though this is his first title with In Hiatus Studios, he is also the founder of To Infinity Studios and is currently in production on his other original title The Wild Cosmos. Curtis is a talented storyteller that skillfully weaves the desires of his characters and the mystery of a hidden past together to capture his readers’ interest.


Liliana Vazquez Song brings her colorful and dramatic style to the pages of The Dragon’s Kin as a first time artist with In Hiatus Studios, though she is no amateur. Her expertise as an illustrator is clear through the emotional expressiveness and energetic movements of the characters. Liliana’s dynamic illustrations are sure to incite delight as she brings the characters to life.


Preorders for Shards Volume Two are available now at inhiatusstudios.com. Upon release in August, Volume Two will be available directly through our online store, and on ComiXology. Of course don’t forget everyone at In Hiatus Studios would love to meet our fanbase in person, so subscribe to our newsletter, and get the latest information about our events and appearances. We hope you all enjoy The Dragon’s Kin in Shards Volume Two!


All three
DK page

Let's get ready to rumble with "Bob & Weave"


San Francisco, CA - June 12th, 2018


Coming soon this August, In Hiatus Studios is proud to present the next installment of the SHARDS anthology series. Following the success of Volume One, Volume Two will feature six new projects by six new creative teams. Among the new titles is our standout new feature title, Bob & Weave.


Bob & Weave is a comedic, action packed story of estranged childhood friends. Mild mannered Bob one day encounters the wild, but well-meaning, Weave. Despite their differences, and the rather less-than-cordial first encounter, the two soon become an inseparable duo. Turning their partnership into a detective agency, Bob and Weave use their strengths to compensate for each other’s weaknesses. Although both become local heroes to the city around them, disaster strikes which leaves them disconnected and alone. What could’ve happened to break them apart? Can their relationship and detective agency survive?


Written by the young talent, Gabe Peralta, Bob & Weave intertwines a deep underlying drama between its pages of action and comedy. The art is carried by internationally accredited, Tristan Yuvienco. His expressive style brings Bob & Weave to life through his attention to detail and command of his colorful palette makes this work an engaging addition to In Hiatus Studios.


Preorders for Shards Volume Two are available now at squareup.com/store/in-hiatus-studios-2. Upon release in August, Volume Two will be available directly through our online store, and on ComiXology. Of course don’t forget everyone at In Hiatus Studios would love to meet our fanbase in person, so subscribe to our newsletter, and get the latest information about our events and appearances. We hope you all enjoy Bob & Weave in Shards Volume Two!


About In Hiatus Studios

In Hiatus Studios is comprised of a group of passionate creators who came together to publish their personal projects, initially within a simple, one-shot publication.  After running a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, however, coupled with the excitement and enthusiasm of their newfound audience of both new and existing fans, the endeavor evolved into the founding of the new publishing company In Hiatus Studios, referencing the drive to bring personal, neglected projects to the forefront (a plight familiar to many creative professionals). In late 2016, the team appeared at both CTN Animation Expo in Burbank and Alternative Press Expo in San Jose to introduce the work officially to industry peers and a new fanbase. The positive response the collection garnered has led to further development of each of the titles and subsequent quarterly publication of fully expanded individual series, preceding the publication of Shards Volume Two in 2018, all slated for availability at the company online store (links below) as well as ComiXology through Amazon.com.

B&W promo


San Francisco, CA -  June 9th, 2018


Coming this August, In Hiatus Studios is proud to present the second installment of the SHARDS anthology series. Following the successful publication of Volume One, Volume Two will feature six six new projects by five five new creative teams and one of our veterans: Digo Salazar. That’s right! Digo is back as promised with CACHE.


Originally introduced in Volume One, CACHE left us wondering “who is that bald man, and why is he in his underwear?” Well, we solve one of those mysteries...sort of.


In search of his memories, our bald hero wanders into a bar and meets the feisty Nem, a streetwise former detective with a keen understanding of the seedy underbelly of the world. Hoping to find the answers to some of her own mysteries, Nem offers to help. As the two descend into the depths of the city, they find themselves fleeing for their lives. But what was once considered to be a chance encounter, may in fact be the resurfacing of memories that could not be completely erased.


Created by the talented Digo Salazar, currently the artist for In Place of Honor and co-creator of the webcomic ReGrBl, CACHE is Digo’s second title with In Hiatus Studios; however, this time around he’s executing a cyberpunk vision that is entirely his own. His graphic style is highlighted through rich colors, expressive characters and gritty illustrations that give his futuristic dystopia a lived-in feel. Harkening back to the great mystery thrillers, CACHE is joining the ranks as the newest Sci-Fi classic.


Preorders for Shards Volume Two are available now at inhiatusstudios.com. Upon release in August, Volume Two will be available directly through our online store, and on ComiXology. Of course don’t forget everyone at In Hiatus Studios would love to meet our fanbase in person, so subscribe to our newsletter, and get the latest information about our events and appearances. We hope you all enjoy CACHE in Shards Volume Two!




San Francisco, CA - May 31st, 2018


Writer Danielle Rueda and Artist Bianca Lesaca make their US comic debut with FLIPSIDE. A featured title in Shards Volume Two, In Hiatus Studios' second installment of their SHARDS Anthology series, FLIPSIDE accompanies six brand new titles, each on featuring a different creative team. This invites the readers to enjoy a variety of genres, creative voices and art styles, all in one book. In FLIPSIDE, readers will go on the roller-coaster that is love and relationships but with an interesting twist.


Jacob and Michie met by chance and found the love of a lifetime. After meeting in college they discover what life is like in the real world, in ways both good and bad. They live their everyday, mundane existence together, an adventure in its own right; however, they discover how drastically different life can be when they are apart. FLIPSIDE is a unique narration of love from varying, but parallel points of view. It explores the nature of individuals and how they have their own distinct reactions, perspectives and memories of the same moments. Though this may paint it as a divergent telling of a shared life, ultimately, FLIPSIDE is about a connection between two people that persists and is transcendent, no matter what comes their way.


Fall in love with Danielle Rueda's vision as she explores the dynamics of being a couple while also being two different, unique individuals. This fashion photographer has always embraced storytelling as part of her craft and is now utilizing that skill for her first dive into the world of comics, an art form she's always loved as well. Danielle is passionate about love stories whether it be rom-coms, sit-coms, or Sailor Moon. She's a hopeless romantic who has also grown-up to realize what love truly is when you're an adult in the real world. This story reflects the evolution of her views on the matter, and is also grounded in her own relationships and experiences.


The world of FLIPSIDE is beautifully realized through Bianca Lesaca's artistry. She has crafted a lovingly innocent, storybook character design and paired it with a melancholic, watercolor-inspired paint style. Bianca brings with her the experience of working at Disney, and a number of children's books to her name such as Pun Choi and Roar. She's an incredible illustrator and her talents shine in FLIPSIDE as she balances romantic whimsicality with the realistic, difficulties of love and relationships.


These two creatives actually grew up together as friends in their native Philippines, and now they've collaborated bringing their energy, chemistry, and talents to the pages of FLIPSIDE, featured in Shards Volume Two.


FLIPSIDE, coming this August in Shards Volume Two, and is now available for Pre-Order at INHIATUSSTUDIOS.COM.




The San Francisco indie comic company premieres its first series in digital format for world-wide release on the Amazon company.


San Francisco, CA – February 28, 2018


Hot on the heels of selling out of their debut anthology's first run, Shards: Volume 1, the independent Bay-Area comic publisher In Hiatus Studios is proud to release the premiere issue of Rise, from series creator Don Ellis Aguillo. Wearing both hats of writer and artist, the classically trained painter-turned-comic-creator is excited to finally get this story down into pages, currently in process to develop and release the subsequent issues for the first arc this year.


Following the adventures of a reluctant nine-year-old suddenly orphaned by parents who reigned over a distant future city, young Zakaiah “Zak” is handed the kingdom which she must now be trained to rule. She finds herself surrounded by a group of strangers charged to guide her, each on their own personal paths and troubled by their own personal demons, an already tumultuous start of a long journey for her preparation for the throne, which is plagued by enemies from all sides, sowing their own politics and conjuring demonic plans to usurp or destroy the throne.


“This is my opus,” states Aguillo, adding “the story in my head that tells all my stories. I'm a firm believer that every creative work is an autobiography, and this grand idea I have in me is no exception. It's about dealing with responsibility before you're ready for it, about the very fluid idea of family and the weight of that in our lives, it's about identity and fighting for hope. Oh, and of course, there's political intrigue, magic and lots of vampires!” The premiere will begin a six-issue arc that sees the first phase of the young queen's journey in her preparation for the Kingdom, each issue planned to be published every three months, slated for a more frequent release as the year progresses, digital-first, throught the Amazon company, Comixology, with a slated print-run dependent on reception and availability at cons.


“It's been really exciting getting our book out through the comic con system, both close to home and further afield,” he adds, “and the first issue of Rise leads the releases of the first six flagship titles under the In Hiatus banner.” The studio's information can be found at www.inhiatusstudios.com, which also boasts free downloads of the primers for each series published through them, a short supplemental book with in-depth behind the scenes commentary and concept art from the development of each of the series. The first issue of Rise also follows the story that began in the pages of Shards: Volume 1, effectively a prequel to the series, also available on www.comixology.com (search: In Hiatus Studios).


Follow the company on twitter (@donnyaguillo and @InHiatusStudios) on Instagram (@theinkwellrunsdry and @inhiatus.studios) and Facebook (inhiatus.studios/).


Grab a digital copy today and follow the chronicles of Queen Zak and her mysterious entourage on a brand new, original adventure!  Download the premiere now! http://bit.ly/2FCnzcB




San Francisco, CA - November 1, 2017 - In Hiatus Studios is proud to announce the new lineup for the sophomore anthology of SHARDS, for release in spring 2018!  Six new tales from brand new creative teams in writing and art are being presented in the collection after the studio closes its first year to a SOLD OUT run of the hardbound first anthology.  Introducing the lineup:

  • Cache, created by Digo Salazar (In Place of Honor)
  • Bob & Weave, created/written by Gabe Peralta & art by Tristan Yuvienco
  • Perilous, created/written by Andrew Niggles & art by Auskey
  • Be A Man, Man, created/written by Ben Langston & art by Andrea Vidrine with Don Aguillo (Rise, Winter)
  • Dragon's Kin, created/written by Curtis Clow & art by Liliana Vasquez Song
  • Flipside, created/written by Danielle Rueda & art by Bianca Lesaca

As the anticipation builds into the winter season, more details about the new book (including previews, concept art and bios) will be released.  Follow us on social media to keep up with the latest!





San Francisco, CA - November 11, 2017 - Hot on the heels of a sold-out showing at Monterey Comic Con, In Hiatus Studios is proud to announce the order of a second run of Shards: Volume One in trade paperback, collecting the original six Issue 0's of the original hardbound edition!  Will be available through our online store, but still available now through Comixology!


The company will be lining up its spring schedule for returning to the con circuit, but in our current break, we'll be anticipating the arrival of the new run, as well as continue production for the launch of the second  anthology, coming out early 2018!  Stay tuned for more on both!


No pre-sales will be available as of now, but we'll be announcing the shipping date as soon as it is available!