In Place of Honor








Story by Kimberly Moss & Art by Digo Salazar



A Dystopian Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, in which the Big Bad Wolf and Red join forces to save their people from themselves.

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Bennett Waller

Class: Wolf

First Appearance: Shards Volume One

A descendant of one of the nine original wolf lines, Bennett struggles with finding purpose. Wolves continue to sacrifice themselves, but how can Bennett honor their choice when she no longer believes in why they died?

Paige Llandyn

Class: Ryder

First Appearance: Shards Volume One

Outspoken and defiant, Paige fights for what she believes in. Even if that means fighting for her enemy's rights.

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Heart of Honor

In Place of Honor explores the question, when war no longer has honor was is left to fight for?


Bennett and Paige both struggle with the shape their war has taken. Where they once found purpose and honor, they now find a meaningless hunger for power and destruction. But rather than give into the seemingly hopeless situation, Bennett and Paige choose action. Both women fight, in whatever way they can, to restore the dignity they once believed their war held.


At the heart of In Place of Honor is a love story. A love story of two women who find friendship in the form of their enemy.



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The Blood Feud

For centuries, a quiet war has raged in the shadows of history. The Ryders and the Wolves, caught in an ancient blood feud, fought for the honor of their people. Though the battles were violent and the bloodshed abundant, there remained a code of conduct that both sides held to.


However, the gods of victory began to smile down on the Wolf Clans. The Ryders, desperate to survive, turned away from the code by which they swore to fight and exposed the war to the humans.


Fearing their own annihilation, the humans joined the Ryders and formed their own order: the Hoods. Using the power of the media, the Hoods rapidly gained political and social control under the guise of protectors against this mythical threat.


And if humans are good at one thing, it is destruction. The tides turned quickly. The Wolves neared extinction. Many went into hiding. Others learned to adapt. But some refused to stop fighting.


What was once a war, is now a rebellion.