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In Hiatus Studios Submission Guidelines:

In Hiatus Studios, San Francisco Bay Area's newest publishing company founded in 2016, is seeking new stories and artistic talent for our next graphic novel project, Shards: Volume II. Shards is a continuing anthology series with the intention of premiering new titles for serialization and/or stand alone stories.  Interested individuals and creative teams are invited to read our official submission guidelines below.​ We look forward to judging you…er…your work!

In Hiatus Studios only publishes new content that is original work from independent contractors. Please do not submit any work that utilizes already-existing characters or worlds as they will automatically be ineligible.


In Hiatus Studios is a profit sharing publishing company. We do not pay page rates. Projects will be overseen by both an Editing and Art Direction Team. However, final changes remain with the creator(s). In Hiatus Studios is looking to foster new works with the creators, not to take control of your projects.


Artists, please submit the following:

  1. 1-3 pages of sequential art without words, using the following prompt: “Making Toast”. Be concise, be creative. The style of which should reflect the intended style future work with us.  Please also include the timetable in which you completed this sequential piece.
  2. Artists must also submit a link to their portfolio, relevant social media sites, and a short biography. These will be kept on file and you may be contacted if and when an appropriate project presents itself.

If your art-only submission is not kept on file, you will not get a response. All submissions must be digital, though artists are not limited to the digital medium. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ART as your work will not be returned. Please send submissions to


Writers, please submit the following items:

  1. A brief, typed cover letter that summarizes your project and your previous work, if relevant. Include contact information (name, e-mail address, address, phone, and relevant social media sites) clearly printed on the top of the page. Submissions are responded to via e-mail only.
  2. A typed, one page, synopsis of the overall story arc (not just of the first issue). Please keep this as succinct as possible and do include major plot points and spoilers. Email all submissions to
  3. A typed 22 page script of the first issue.



    • You can submit as a creative team, but each individual must submit to the respective departments. Please indicate in your cover letter the names of your team members.
    • All work submitted must be produced by the individuals approved for the project. Changes in personnel may require a re-submission of the work and or cancellation of the project. Any changes must be approved through In Hiatus Studios before the project can move forward.
    • In Hiatus Studios is not currently looking for genre specific comics. We’re willing to try anything once.
    • All submissions remain property of the creators.
    • In Hiatus was started by 6 friends who wanted to get their stories out there. Have fun! It always shows through the work.


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